John Frieda. Relaunching the brand



To address the fading brand equity 



  • Re-injected the spirit the brand's founder into the brand, known for its London fashion and trailblazing edge

  • Created a new look & feel in line with the new brand's spirit and breaking with the codes of the category: editorial feel, mix of bold and color coded graphics with B&W hair imagery

  • Drove impact with a focus on best selling products and innovations in ATL communications. Further pushed engagement and offered a sense of customizable haircare solutions in BTL commnunications



  • Brand strategy, Digital communication guidelines, Executional guidelines, Special UK launch plan and materials including: digital displays for Piccadilly Circus, movie theater commercial, online content, Youtube ads, Additional online content for the different brand's platforms: models' BTS interviews, long from videos, still images and gifs for social media, TV and Print ads, corporate video for internal sell-in

  • Work done at Arnold Worldwide